Southwest Petroleum University has long attached great importance to the intellectual property, and actively implemented the national laws and regulations on it. By taking practical and feasible policies and measures to greatly promote the protection of intellectual property, our university has made remarkable achievements.Afteryears of hard work made by scientific research staff, our universityhasdeveloped a number of outstanding advantages and distinctive academicdirections and research fields in oil and gas industry. What’s more,thoseresearch results have been patented timely. SWPU has always closely concerned about the new technical trends and periodical innovative results,application of series patents and family patents, so that these disciplines could have broad academic prospects and market competitiveness. In recent years, then umber of patent applications and authorizations in SWPU has been increasing year by year; mean while, the quality of patent applications being improved,besides, the proportion of invention patents has been elevated aswell. Sincethe "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the university has applied for a totalof 2356 patents, including 1447 invention patents, 909 utility model patents.Mean while the university has granted up to 1353 patents, including 762 invention patents, and 591 utility model patents. Southwest Petroleum University, as an important research force in the field of oil and gas in China, has become the growth point and radiation source of national energy strategyand scientific and technological innovation. The creation, management and implementation and protection of its intellectual property rights have servedas an important part of national intellectual property strategy.