Liu Qingyou

Dr.  Liu Qingyou

Born:  Oct.03,1965

Current  Position:

Supervisor for PhD candidates  

Professional  Title:

1.Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor of  Ministry of education

2.National outstanding scientific and  technological workers

3.National Ten Thousand People plan

4."doctoral degree recipients with  outstanding contribution in Sichuan Province"

1.youth leader of Sichuan Province, and get  the training fund in 2001

2." candidates for academic and  technical leaders of Sichuan Province in 2002

3."outstanding experts with outstanding  contributions of Sichuan Province"

4."top ten excellent young college  teachers of Sichuan Province"

5.seventh Sichuan Provincial Youth Science  and Technology Award " in 2004

6.academic  and technology leaders

7."  new century talents project national candidates "

8."  Sichuan Province Excellent innovation talents of science and Technology Award  "

9.Sichuan  Province ten outstanding innovative talents Award

10"Distinguished  Youth of Nanchong Province" in 2000

Research  Areas:

1.petroleum machinery, oil and gas wells  string mechanics, rock breaking and drilling and computer simulation and other  aspects

2.petroleum equipment, downhole tools,  dynamics of string system , deep well rock mechanics and fracture, and the  design and analysis of high speed drilling bits

National/provincial/university  awards:

1.State Council allowance experts" in  2005

2.eleventh energy science and Technology  Award by China Science and Technology Development Foundation"Youth Science  and Technology Award"

1.China science and technology development  foundation, Sun Yueqi Technology Education Fund

2.Nanchong science and technology  development outstanding contribution award

2.2 second prize of national science and  technology progress (No. 1)

3.2 first prize, 3 second prize and 4 third  prize of provincial science and technology progress

1.2 invention patents

2.over 20 utility model patents

3.6 national computer software copyright

Educational  Background:

1.1997, Doctor Degree,, majoring in  petroleum mechanical engineering, Southwest Petroleum University

2.1992, Master Degree, majoring in precision  manufacturing, Chongqing University

3.1986, Bachelor Degree, majoring in  petroleum mining machinery, Southwest Petroleum University

Major  Research Projects:

1.2 Major National Project for Oil and Gas  Projects

2.1 key project of National Natural Science  Foundation

3.2 National Natural Science Project

4.nearly 10 national support plan projects

5.over 20 projects of oil companies

Published  Works:

1.174 academic papers, including over 60 listed  in the three principal index

2.3 monographs

3.participate in international academic  conferences 12 times, 3 times special report

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