Guo Jianchun

Dr. Guo Jianchun

Born: Sep.1970

Current Position:

1.Vice president of Southwest  Petroleum University

2.Professor II, a supervisor for PhD  candidates

Professional title:

1.Specially-invited professor of Changjiang Scholar by Ministry of Education

2.National candidate of "the New Century National Hundred

3.Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project"

4.Science and technology leaders in Sichuan province

5.Excellent expert with outstanding contributions of Sichuan Province

6."10000 Talent Plan" of China

7.Person in charge of Sichuan Province Science and Technology Innovation  Research Team for reservoir stimulation

Member of Professional Organizations:
   1.Member of expert assessment  committee of Sichuan Province
   2.Executive director of American  Association of Petroleum Engineers Asia Pacific Chengdu branch
    3.Deputy leader of oil and gas  reservoir group of the academic Committee of petroleum geology China
   4.Member of Key Laboratory in  oil reservoir reconstruction
 Research Area:  

1.Oil and gas exploitation

2.Theory and technology of the stimulation of oil and gas reservoirs

3.Theoretical model and the software of complex oil and gas reservoir  fracturing design, fracturing fluid research, experiment test method and test  device, new process technology of fracturing and acidizing

Projects of national/provincial/university level:

1.Undertake more than 20 provincial and 6 ministerial level projects and  provincial and ministerial teaching reform projects including National Natural  Science Foundation, the Major National Project for Oil and Gas Projects,  Distinguished Young Academic and Technological Leaders Plan in Sichuan province

National/provincial/university awards:

1.Winner of national Distinguished Youth Foundation

2.Special allowance by State Council

3.Winner of  Youth Science and  Technology Award of Sichuan province

4.Winner of  Youth Science and  Technology Award of Sichuan province

5.Winner of Sun Yueqi Youth Science and Technology Award

6."Favorite Teachers" of SWPU

7.Guided and assisted to guide graduate students and made numerous progress  including 1 nominees for Hundred National Excellent Dorctoral Thesis, 1  Outstanding Doctoral Thesis of Sichuan Province, 2 Outstanding Master Thesis of  Sichuan Province, the first prize of "Challenge Cup"--National  Extracurricular Competition Works of Science and Technology for University  Students, the first prize of National Petroleum Engineering Design Contest and  other extracurricular competition awards.

Educational background:
 1999, Doctor Degree, majoring in oil and gas development engineering,  Southwest Petroleum Institute
 Published Works:  

1.More than 130 papers

2.More than 50 SCI, EI, ISTP

3."development and mining technology for oil and gas reservoir",  listed as a core material for masters of engineering

4.Co-authored 2 monographs

Major Technology Awards:

5.4 first prize, 2 third prize for Provincial Scientific and Technological  Advancement

6.1 third prize for National Excellent Book

7.12 patents

8.3 software copyright

Main Patent:
 12 patents  


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