Zhang Liehui

Dr. Zhang Liehui

Born: May, 1967

Current Position:
       1.Editor of Hydrodynamics; Special Oil and Gas Reservoirs; Petroleum  Geology & Oilfield Development in Daqing ; Gas Reservoirs and Natural Gas  Industry.
       2.Vice president of  Southwest Petroleum University  

Professional Title:
      1.  Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor;
      2.  Changjiang Scholar  Innovation Research  Team leader;
      3.  Academic and Technical leaders of Sichuan Province
      4. Research  Award Fund for Outstanding Young Teachers in Higher Education  Institutions(former Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of  Ministry of Education of China)
     5.  Excellent experts with outstanding contributions of Sichuan Province
     6.  National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program)
     7.  Program for Excellent Talents in University  of Ministry of Education of China
     8. Professor
 Member of Professional Organizations:  
     1.  China National Natural Gas Standardization Technology Committee
     2.  Subcommittee on Oil and Gas Field Development  of National Technical Committee on Petroleum of Standardization Administration  of China
    3. Oilfield Development Department of China Petroleum  Society
    4. Petroleum Engineering Committee of Chinese Petroleum  Society
    5. Natural Gas Professional Committee
    6. International Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Association
 Research Areas:
 1.  complex oil and gas reservoir seepage
 2. well test
 3. numerical simulation
 Major Research Projects:
 1.  major oil and gas science and technology projects of national level
 2.  More than 30 projects of provincial and national level
 Published Works:
 1.  more than 190 academic papers
 2.  More than 100 SCI and  EI
 3.  5 Teaching Materials and Monographs
 Major Technology Awards:
      1.  National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars
      2.  Sun Yueqi  Youth Science and technology  award
      3.  Fok Ying-Tong Award for young teachers4.Sichuan Province Youth Science and Technology  Award  

4.2 second  prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of national level

5.1 first  prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of provincial level

Other Awards:  Enjoys special allowance of the State Council
 Main Patent: 1 invention patent.  


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