Wei Bing

Dr. Wei Bing

Current Position:

1.Supervisor for master  candidates

2.Associate professor

3.researcher of the  reservoir geology and exploitation State Key Laboratory of oil and gas of Southwest  Petroleum University

4.a reviewer of a  number of SCI journals, editorial board member of Journal of Bioresources and  Bioproducts

Professional Title:
 nominate of research  or the international energy Eni award nomination in 2004
 Research Areas:
 oilfield  "green" development
 Educational  Background:
 2013, Doctor Degree,  University of New Brunswick
 Major Research  Projects:

1.implement a Canada  postdoctoral fund

2.implement  NB-QuebecCooperation fund

3.implement technology  innovation fund of PetroChina

4.implement major  projects of national science and technology

5.participate in the  Canada Fund, 973 Project, enterprise horizontal cooperation projects

Published Works:

1.15 academic papers in  domestic and foreign journals  (Energy  &Fuels I&ECH, Chem.Eng.Res.design, CarbohydratePolym.)

2.a book,  "Advances inPolymer Flooding"

Main Patent:
 applied 3 patents


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