About us

The Center of New Energy Materials and Technology is the first batch of university-level research center of Southwest Petroleum University. The field of center involves two highland subjects of university layout-materials, Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering and Technology. On the foundations to conduct national and local economic development demands-oriented basal research, applied research and industrialization conversion integration, the center is built to be an important platform for studying and personal communication. There are three research institutes, Energy Catalytic Materials, Advanced Energy Storage Materials and Solar Energy Conversion and Application, supporting the research on Solar and Chemical Energy Conversion, In-situ Characterization technology of Materials, Catalytic Materials for Oil and Gas Resource Utilization, Lithium Ion Battery, Supercapacitors, Material and Device of Silicon and Thin Film Solar Cell. Besides, center gets in charge of the construction of national strategic emerging and industrial subject New Energy Materials and Device.

Sichuan International Science and Technology Cooperation Base was identified in 2015, and it is the first province-level international science and technology cooperation base of Southwest Petroleum University. Relying on Center of New Energy Materials and Technology, in the base, there are three research directions, Solar-Chemical Energy Conversion Materials, Photoelectric Conversion Materials and Advanced Energy Storage Materials. The base participates in the construction of Chinese-German Clean Energy Innovation Platform. Now, the base becomes the important platform to converge and cultivate talents with international literacy in the field of new energy and new materials. Now, base is conducting deep and widespread cooperation with oversea universities, like University of Zurich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Lund, Kyoto University, Deakin University et al, and plays a positive role in improving the science research, international science and technology cooperation, talents converging, construction of team and platform, achievements transformation and application, and personal training in local field.