Psychological and Physical Health

With increasing attention being paid to psychological and physical health, studying is no longer the sole work in the university life. The school of Petroleum and natural gas Engineering conducts psychological tests and physical energy capacity tests for freshman every year, and takes different measures to solve different problems according to the consequences of tests.

According to the test results, the majority of students is physically and psychologically healthy, in spite of some special ones. Enjoying life, sports interests and maintaining a good state of mind are the main factors of the good psychological conditions. In the spare time, most students would like to call their friends together to play games, which varies from girls to boys. Boys mostly would like to play basketball or football in the ground and sweat streaming makes them relaxed, while girls tend to chat or shop in the mall. No matter what kinds of relaxing methods, it is good for students’ health.

In order to care for the students’ psychological health, SWPU set the Center of Psychological Health Education in 1995, which was renamed to the Center of Psychological Development and Education in 2016. As a service organization for psychological health of college students, the center is directly supervised by Student Work Department (Postgraduate Work Department). The center aims to help students solve psychological problems, improve mental quality and promote comprehensive development. Free psychological health services are offered for students, including individual psychological counseling, lectures and training, psychological evaluation, psychology courses and various psychological activities. The center is located on the first floor of BoXue building.

Psychological Association of University Students is a committee which was registered in October, 2001 in Youth League Committee and conducted by the Center of Psychological Development and Education. Aiming at “Enthusiastic, love, concerned”, the committee has won multitudinous awards. Activities about psychological health are constantly organized to help students who are troubled by their bad psychological conditions.

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