Daily Life

Daily life in the College of Petroleum Engineering

According to the statistics released in June 2016, College of Petroleum Engineering now has 5137 students, including 3097 undergraduates, 1834 master’s students and 206 PhD students. The school aims at “creating first-rate academic atmosphere, fostering first-rate talents”, and leads students to become international talents in petroleum industry. Being studious and inquisitive, students at College of Petroleum Engineering struggle for enhancing the level of self-professional knowledge as well as the overall development of morality, intellect and aesthetic.

In students’ daily life, studying is essential with after-school activities as a supplement. The main classrooms set for College of Petroleum Engineering are SiXue building, BoXue building and MingBian building. Courses are usually scheduled from Monday to Friday, rarely arranged on weekends. When there is no class, students can choose to go to the library study hall, and on the 8th floor of the library, books on petroleum and natural gas are exhibited. The college arranges professional and non-professional courses to lead students develop in all aspects. Lectures are given to improve the professionalism, students can choose to participate according to their own interests.

Class is the first group of students, students here to explore the problems of learning and collective life, carry out a variety of activities and create a class culture of mutual help and progress. Organizations such as the Student Union, SWPU-SPE Student Chapter are formed on the basis of interests and demands for development, providing vast space for self-growth of students. Activities such as party for newcomers, musical performance are held by different departments to enhance the friendship between the students.

Under the guidance and encouragement of the college, students are actively involved in extra-curricular activities, such as basketball games and football games. Playground and soccer fields are seldom empty except in exceptional circumstances. Whenever there are large-scale sports competitions, students are enthusiastically enrolled and make active preparation. Nowadays fitness is becoming a popular trend, so a great quantity of students would like to go to the gym to kill the time. In addition to sports activities, under the leadership of the college, students organized a number of colorful cultural activities to rich after-school life and inspire the pursuit of beauty. Walking on the campus trail, you may have the chance to appreciate songs which are sang by students who are practicing.

Field practice is the indispensable content of students’ life. In the summer and winter vacations of every year, various practical activities are organized by students such as public welfare activities. Many students choose to go to the countryside to teach the poor students for free.