Safety & Security

Security Department of Southwest Petroleum University

Southwest Petroleum University security department is responsible for university safety under the leadership of the university’s party and government. It consists of the public security management department, fire safety department, comprehensive management office, the household registration department, research department, political security community, Armed Forces office, military department and university shooting team. The Security Department aims at "maintaining university stability and creating safe and civilized campus", while holding the principle of "people-oriented, teachers and students-serviced". The Security Department provides powerful guarantee to ensure stable teaching and scientific research, and has won numerous awards in the Sichuan public security system, education system, college security research for many years. Its main work includes: the implementation of various safety management regulations, improving the internal safety management system, carrying out political and public security training activities, fire protection, traffic and campus order regulation, household registration, publicity and education of safety, military knowledge, teaching management and service work, safety management guidance, inspection, coordination and service in various units, and offering assistants to the State Security Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Security Bureau, the fire department, the armed ministry and other national security agencies, etc. The specific contents are as follows:

1. Organize education of legal system, safety knowledge and disaster prevention and reduction; and carry out emergency drills.

2. Provide safety assurance for university daily activities and large-scale activities as well as guidance, supervision and inspection for security measures for activities organized held by the university or colleges. The approval and management of large-scale activities, community activities, temporary booth, banners hanging, and reserved campus visiting.

3. Carry out investigation, deal with unexpected events, and maintain the stability of the campus.

4. Carry out the campus three defense (safety, physical defense, air defense) construction.

5. Deal with contradictions and disputes.

6. Assist the public security organs in the management of household registration of students and teachers. Assist the public security organs in handling public security cases, traffic accidents and fire accidents.

7. Inspect the purchase of dangerous goods, flammable, explosive dangerous goods, toxic chemicals and other dangerous items that is for safe-use.

8. Ensure campus safety, and manage and inspect the safety of university laboratory.

9. Plan the campus transportation scheme and transportation infrastructure.

Address of the Security Department of Southwest Petroleum University (Department) (armed forces): No. 8 Road, Xindu District, Chengdu city, Sichuan Province

Zip code: 610500

Tel: 028-83032110