Introduction of Our Chapter


Society of Petroleum Engineers SWPU Student Chapter was established in November 2011. Professor Zhaozhong Yang, Jianchun Guo, Xiao Guo and Associate Professor Hu Jia served as instructors. After four SPE generations’ hard working, the Society of Petroleum Engineers SWPU Student Chapter has developed into a chapter of seven departments (the Bureau, the Academic Department, the Competition Department, the Liaison Department and the Propaganda Department, etc) with 23 administrative staffs. More than 300 college students have been recruited as members. Most of the members are from the College of Petroleum Engineering, and other members are from the College of Earth Science and Technology, the College of Mechanical Engineering, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the School of Foreign Languages, etc. The members include undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students. The Society of Petroleum Engineers SWPU Student Chapter plays a positive role in the promotion of students’ scientific and technological innovation activities and communication with enterprises, and contributes to foreign exchanges, personal qualities improvement and a better satisfaction to enterprises’ needs for employees.

In the period of 2011-2014, Society of Petroleum Engineers SWPU Student Chapter has repeatedly sent students to participate in the Asia-Pacific and Global SPE Student Paper Competition as well as other national and regional technical meetings and exchange activities organized by SPE, and has gained gratifying achievements. With joint efforts of the four generations of SWPU-SPE predecessors, SWPU-SPE student members have made satisfying progresses in the aspects of academic ability, communicative skill and international cooperation capability, and have been praised by petroleum universities, enterprises and SPE headquarters.

We believe that under the guidance of school and college leaders, in adhering to SWPU-SPE predecessors’ fine tradition, Society of Petroleum Engineers SWPU Student Chapter will make itself a permanent card of SWPU in abroad through more high-quality activities. Meanwhile, it will enable more students to enhance their own capabilities in the international environment. Thus, let us look forward to every moment of harvest.