Postgraduate Student Union

Postgraduate Student Union

The Graduate Students’ Association of the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering is made up of nine departments: Three-assistance Department, Administrative Office, Science and Technology Department, Publicity Department, Art department, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department, Students’ Life Department, Sports Department and Organization Department.

Three-assistance is the functional department which is in charge of the organization of social practice activities and the registration of three-assistance work of graduate students. This department is under the leadership of presidium and serves for postgraduates.

Being the hinge of Graduate Students’ Association of the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Administrative Office is mainly responsible for rule making, collection and collation of the working files of different departments, and the evaluation of ministers and members of nine departments.

Science and Technology Department is mainly responsible for relevant science and technology activities. Its main work includes organization of academic lectures, selection and exhibition of the works of science and technology competition, and so on. This department aims at fostering the scientific research spirit of graduate students.

Publicity Department aims at the publicities of university culture and the reports of advanced achievements. This department also spreads student union’s culture.

Art department is set for the purpose of brisking university atmosphere and enriching spare time of graduate students. The department aims at launching literary and artistic activities actively and efficiently. It provides a big stage where you can show your talents and glamour adequately.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department is a new-type department oriented by developing students’ abilities of innovation and entrepreneurship. This department aims at improving students’ comprehensive abilities from various aspects.

Students’ Life Department aims at creating a safe, hygienic and satisfied campus living environment for all students. Under the leadership of presidium, it serves for students full of enthusiasm.

Sports Department functions centering on improving the physical fitness and enriching spare time of students by organizing big sports competitions and publicizing the importance of sports.

Organization Department is an important department of Graduate Students’ Association of the College of Petroleum Engineering. Its main work is to organize activities and matters related to the Communist Youth League.