Chen Yang

Dr.Yang Chen

Doctoral/Master Tutor:/
Department:Turbulent drag reduction of Oil undefined Gas transportation

Subject Major:Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

Research Direction:Theory and Technology of Oil and Gas Pipeline Transportation,Multiphase Flow Technology in Oil and Gas Pipeline

    Chen Yang, born in 1991, Ph.D. (after), lecturer, obtained red diploma(all grades are all the 5 points) of Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, the national foundation study full grooming Ph.D., mainly engaged in oil and gas pipeline transportation theory and technology research, including turbulence theory and simulation, polymer turbulent drag reduction, drag reduction transportation of oil products and crude oil, complex fluid flow simulation, etc., and published 13 papers, 3 SCI articles, 1 article Russia ВАК included, 2 times participated in the national natural science fund projects, 1 invention patent.

  • Research and teaching fields

    • Theory and technology research of Oil and gas pipeline transportation

    • Theory and simulation of turbulence

    • Polymer turbulent drag reduction of crude oil and oil products

    • Complex fluid flow simulation

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    Address: Xindu Avenue No.8, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, PRC
    Zip code: 610500