School Introduction


The Petroleum Engineering School was firstly established in 1958, with the predecessor including Drilling Department, Exploiting Department, and Petroleum Engineering Department. In 1999, it was renamed the School of Petroleum Engineering by increasing Oil undefinedamp; Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering, and Hydrodynamics. Until 2014, its name has been changed into Petroleum Engineering School.

There are one first class of national key discipline and 3 second class of national disciplines. There are one authorized a doctor's degree-level and one authorized Master's degree-level for first class discipline; 4 authorized doctor's degree-level and 5 master's degree-level for second class of national discipline and one Professional Master's Degree authorization point. There are Post-Doctoral Research Mobile Stations, State-Level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, National Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center, State-Level University Students Practice Education Base, State-Level Teaching Team, the Ministry of Education Innovation team, Sichuan Province innovation team. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering disciplines in the national fourth round of disciplinary evaluation ranked as A+, into the national "double first-class" subject construction list in 201. Cumulative for the country to train and transport more than 23,000 Undergraduates, Master's, Ph. D. Graduates. September 2018, 5189 students in the school, of whom 314 PhD students, Master students 2312, 2518 Undergraduates, 45 International students.

There are 259 faculty staff in our school, including 192 teachers, 52 doctoral supervisors, 65 professors and 73 vice professors. In this teachers' team, there are 2 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 people selected by the national “ten thousand people plan”, 3 "Changjiang Scholar Award Scheme" Distinguished Professor, 2 National Outstanding Young Science Fund winners, 6 "New Century Millions Talent project" national candidates, 5 countries have outstanding contributions of middle-aged and young experts, 2 members of the disciplinary Review Group of the State Council degree committee, 10 people who enjoy the state Council, 1 national Excellent teachers, 2 Sichuan province "spire" talent training project candidate, 56 provincial and ministerial talents.

Based on the characteristics and advantages of the subject, give full play to the effect of cooperation in research and development: 1988 The United Nations Technical Development Agency set up China Petroleum "Well completion Technology Center", 1988 Canadian government-funded "middle-Canada gas exploration Technology training Center", 1989 approved the construction of oil and gas reservoir geology and Development Engineering State Key Laboratory, 2006 approved the construction of Natural Gas Development Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center, 2013 approved the establishment of national energy high sulfur gas reservoir mining research and Development Center, 2013 received "National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center", national " University students outside the practice education base, 2014 was awarded the "National Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center", "Sichuan marine gas Hydrate Development Synergy Innovation Center", a total of 17 provincial and ministerial key laboratories. Scientific research and teaching experimental equipment 4926 (sets), a value of more than 226.48 million yuan, laboratory room about 20788 square meters.

Our school has always adhered to the trend of advanced forecasting industry technology, closely follow the latest international developments, closely around the current and future of China's oil and gas industry, the major technical needs, basic research and technological innovation, in oil and gas wells, oil and gas development, oil production gas, oil and gas storage and transportation 4 major engineering The academic direction and research features that have important industry influence. "Twelve-Five" period of the school to undertake the national science and Technology major special "large-scale oil and gas fields and coalbed methane development" project, subject (topic) 127, 973 project, subject (topic) 15, 863 project Subjects 1, National key research and development projects 1, the National Natural Science Foundation projects 113, including 2 National Outstanding Youth Fund projects, 6 major projects, and 47 projects. The National Science and Technology Progress Award 2 Grand Prize, First Prize 3, Second Prize 2, the National Technical Invention Second Prize 3, the Chinese Patent Outstanding Award 1, the provincial and ministerial level technical invention and the science and Technology Progress Special prize 1, First prize 30, second prize 34, authorizes the invention Patent 366 items. SCI contains more than 1000 published papers, EI included more than 200, CSCD included more than 400, a total of 68 published monographs.

Our school has formed the innovation system of talent training, and it has produced the new discipline direction of talents cultivation in oil and gas reservoir engineering, oil field chemistry, natural gas processing, offshore oil engineering, reservoir protection and completion engineering for the first time in the whole country. It has obtained the National Teaching Achievement First Prize 2, second prize 3, Sichuan Province teaching Achievement First prize 6, second Prize 4, the national outstanding doctoral dissertation Nomination 3, Sichuan outstanding doctoral dissertation 13, Sichuan Province outstanding Master's degree thesis 16 articles.

Our school actively constructs the international exchange platform for teachers, with the University of Texas Aundefined Machinery, the University of Oklahoma, the University of Calgary in Canada, the University of Regina, Canada, and the University of Science and Technology, the Russian Federation of Petroleum Universities, Russian Fort Jin University, such as the world famous Petroleum University to establish teacher exchange and visit mechanism, the establishment of foreign well-known experts to school academic exchange of the normal mechanism. Through many initiatives to select and support young and middle-aged backbone teachers to study abroad, visit and Exchange, expand the vision of teacher internationalization, expand the global influence of disciplines.

Our school adheres to the "create first-class style of study, training first-class talent" as the work goal, leading students to aspire to become "ideological progress, excellent character, diligent study, the courage to practice" of international petroleum professionals.

Students in the Global and Asia-Pacific SPE Thesis competition, the National Oil Engineering Design competition, school students Mechanical Innovation Design competition, school student comprehensive ability to project training competition, school students Mathematical Modeling Competition, marine knowledge competition and other competitions in the award-winning, graduates for many years in short supply.

Our school, adhering to the spirit of "cheering for the motherland for the nation", characterized by "oil gas and gas as its characteristics", as well as the regional advantages of "Basing on the west and facing the whole country", has become the domestic first-class and internationally renowned scientific research and talent training base.