Welcome from the Dean


Oil is similar to our nation's pulse, gas is referred to as people's livelihood. Oil and natural gas plays an important role in the economic development and energy security of our country. Only the cultivation of talents and the studies of sciences can be guaranteed the petroleum industry keeping steadily development.

Marching forward for nearly 60 years, regardless of trials and hardship, our school has been tempering for cultivation and searching for endeavor. Based on the cultivation of talents, our students are distributed all over the world. To incentive innovation research, achievements we obtained are plentiful and substantial.

In accordance with the spirit of educating students of "Pump more oil for our motherland, refuel more gas for our nationality", our college always fosters national spirit of patriotism and reform and innovation spirit of the age for students majoring in petroleum. Relying on the advantages of the first-level discipline, National Key Discipline of Oil and Gas Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation, the construction of professional disciplines has been intensified, the reform of education and teaching has been deepened, the ability of initial innovation has been promoted, the channel of international communication has been expended, the open-up education platform has been established, and the quality of personnel training has been improved comprehensively.

Insisting on the school mission of "Inheritance, Innovation, and Openness", our college will send far and wide to invite men of ability. As a result, more and more great masters and famous teachers, who are rigorous in their methods and with profound scientific attainments, are coming together, and joining hands to build an open-up and internationalized school as well as to train and create outstanding innovative talents in petroleum industry.

Guo Jianchun