International Postgraduate Application

Programs for Master Degree:

Application Requirement:

Note: If postgraduate students and doctoral students are unable to get required credits within 3 years, the maximum extension is 1 year, and the expenses shall be borne by students.

Language requirement:
HSK4 is required for the Bachelor students. If the applicants haven’t passed the HSK4, they are required to study at least one year Chinese. Only when they reach the language level can they take the specialized courses.


1. All fees are calculated by Chinese Yuan (RMB) and can be paid in RMB or US dollars.
2. Costs of travel, residence permit, textbooks, and telephone bills are at the expense of the students.
3. The tuition fees and accommodation fees must be paid off before the applicants’ registration.
4. The fees will be non-refundable if the student leaves the school halfway before the completion of his/her study.

Application documents:
1. Copy of passport.
2. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners.
3. Notarized photocopies of diploma or degree.
4. Notarized photocopies of the transcripts in school or university.
5. 2-inch-sized digital photo with blue background.

Application Procedure:
1. Download and complete the "Application Form" (Application Form for Foreign Students Planning to Study in Southwest Petroleum University (SWPU), China in the Download Center)
2. Download the "Physical Examination Record for Foreigners" chart with all the physical examination items listed in detail. (in the Download Center)
3. Submit the notarized photocopies of diploma or degree as well as the transcripts in school or university.
4. Submit the other necessary materials mentioned in the above table.
5. The application form, medical forms and other materials should be sent to the International Affairs Office, SWPU.
6. Application time: Application for degree programs: from January to July; for language training: anytime.
7. After reviewing of application materials in accordance with the provisions of the university, successful applicants will be issued "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application for Study in China" (the JW202 Form).
8. The applicant can apply for visa to China with the "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application for Study in China" as well as the physical examination records.
9. Enroll time will be found in the "Admission Notice".