The scholarship will be granted to the international students who are excellent in the study performance in SWPU.

Scholarship for the Degree Programs:

Applicants should meet the following requirements:
1. Comply with SWPU International Students Regulations;
2. Having studied in SWPU for at least one semester;
3. For undergraduates, GPA should be outstanding among the international students;
4. Having no absenteeism record, make-up examination and retaken courses in academic year;
5. Having no punishment record in the academic year;
6. Scholarship will be cancelled for those who have violated the relevant law of China;
7. Those who have been granted with other types of scholarship for international students cannot apply for the Sichuan Government Scholarship.

Application materials:
1. If you meet all the application requirements please fill out the “Sichuan Government Scholarship Application Form for International Students” and hand it to the office of international affairs;
2. Your sealed GPA proof of the latest academic year should be provided;
3. The sealed proof of no make-up examination and retaken course should be provided;
4. The recommendation letter from your counselor shall be provided.

Evaluation procedure:
1. All the application materials will be examined by the evaluation group of Sichuan Government Scholarship for international students in SWPU;
2. The name sheet of winners will be posted in the homepage of the official website; it will be lasting for 5 working days.

Please feel free to reach your counselor Rachel, +86 15882435097.