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20161222 Simulation of unconventional reservoir productivity

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Time: December 22, 2016 (Thursday) morning 8:30-10:30
Location: National Key Laboratory A403 academic lecture hall
Study on Simulation of unconventional reservoir productivity
Speaker: Yu Wei associate research fellow 



     Yu Wei, the United States of Texas aampm University (Texas A&M University) Associate Professor of the Department of petroleum engineering. The main research fields of unconventional shale oil and gas, a new generation of numerical simulator development, shale oil and gas seepage mechanism, automatic history matching, complex fracture network capacity evaluation and prediction and CO2 study on enhanced oil recovery mechanism.
Bachelor's degree in 2005 2008 by the University of Jinan Department of Applied Chemistry, Department of chemical engineering Tsinghua University master's degree, a doctorate from the University of Texas-Austin in 2015 by the United States Department of petroleum engineering, numerical simulation with the world famous master professor Sepehrnoori Kamy. Since 2010, he has been engaged in unconventional shale oil and gas numerical simulation software development work, familiar with the United States several core shale blocks, have analyzed a large capacity analysis and optimization of shale oil and gas well crack. In SPE years, SPE published more than 50 papers of high level of shale oil and gas related scientific papers, petroleum system regular meeting top international journals SPE journal and other well-known international journal of energy FUEL SCI Google Scholar journal, according to statistics, the paper cited more than 670 times as many as. In 2013 the United States Shell Companies sponsored by the doctoral research at the University of Texas students outstanding research award (GAIN Award); 2015 from University of Texas of Petroleum Engineering Department sponsored doctoral outstanding research award (GAIN Award), University of Texas Energy Week Petrochemical Energy Research Excellence Award (Research Excellence in Fossil Fuels and Byproducts in UT Energy Week SPE), United States the Southwest Division qualifying game first.
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