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20161222 University of Texas-Austin Graduate School of petroleum engineering admissions Seminar

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Time: December 22, 2016 (Thursday) morning 8:30-10:30
Location: National Key Laboratory A403 academic lecture hall
Report title: University of Texas-Austin Graduate School of petroleum engineering admissions Seminar
Speaker: Professor Kamy Sepehrnoori  

      Kamy Sepehrnoori: Professor Austen, Department of petroleum engineering at Dezhou University, Vice Dean, Graduate Admissions director, he served as deputy director of research center of petroleum and geological engineering, petroleum and geological engineering department member of the admissions committee members and the academic committee, College of engineering, computer / Information Technology Committee and other positions. More than and 500 papers published in SPE Journal, Professor Sepehrnoori Fuel and other famous energy magazine, in 1993 received the Distinguished Professor Award (Faculty Excellence Award), 2000, 2003, 2004 received the Distinguished Teaching Award and received SPE (SPE Distinguished in 2014 prominent members of Member) honorary title, won the 2015 SPE Award (Faculty Recruitment Award outstanding recruitment Title). He mainly focuses on the numerical simulation of various petroleum engineering problems, and is a world famous expert in computational methods, reservoir simulation and numerical solution of partial differential equations.
Seminar content: University of Texas-Austin Department of petroleum engineering undergraduate and graduate students ranked first in the United States (2016 U.S.News). The lecture Sepehrnoori professor will detail the University of Texas-Austin Department of petroleum engineering doctoral admissions application items and admissions process in all aspects. Including admission criteria, preparation of application materials, deadlines and scholarship applications. In addition, a detailed introduction to the master's program of the petroleum engineering department and the learning arrangements of the doctoral program, including the ongoing research projects in the Department of petroleum engineering.
Interested students are welcome to participate!  


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