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20161201 CBM exploration and development technology and CBM industry development in China

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Time: December 1, 2016 (Thursday) morning 9:30-11:30
Location: National Key Laboratory A403 academic lecture hall
Topic: CBM exploration and development technology and CBM industry development in China
Speaker: Professor Wu Jianguang senior engineer 

Dr. Wu Jianguang, senior engineer, Professor, deputy general manager of China United Coalbed Methane Co, director of China Coal Industry Association Branch of coal geology, coal seam gas Specialized Committee China institute director, Chinese Petroleum Geological Society of CBM group member, major national science and technology, large oil and gas fields and coal-bed methane development technology division vice president of special energy industry (first) vice chairman of Coalbed Gas Standardization Technical Committee, the coal industry standard (first batch) experts, the State Ministry of science and technology "863" project and the international cooperation project experts, more than 30 papers published in academic journals at home and abroad. Host and participate in major national and provincial science and technology more than 20 projects, obtained China Coal Industrial Science and technology award two, first prize in a national energy; as the major projects of national science and technology of coal seam gas gathering technology and monitoring technology "," Shanxi in southern Qinshui Basin CBM vertical well development demonstration project "and" Lin Xing Shenfu coal strata area of coalbed methane, tight gas, shale gas production demonstration project "project. To organize the implementation of "coal seam gas gathering and transportation process and the three project monitoring technology reached the international advanced level, the coal seam gas liquefaction device prizing reached the international advanced level; demonstration project" organized and completed in Shanxi in the southern Qinshui Basin wells development demonstration project "achieved more than 1000 wells productivity construction task and the advanced technology of integrated application, submit new CBM 39 billion 600 million Party proven geological reserves, make contribution for Qinshui Basin CBM industry development.
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