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20161130 "oil and gas" elite class "of complex oil and gas engineering several scientific research"

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Time: November 30, 2016 (Wednesday) morning 9:00

Venue: library academic lecture hall

Topic: "oil and gas" elite class "of complex oil and gas engineering several scientific research"

Speaker: academician Gao Deli

Gao Deli, male, born in 1958. Oil and gas engineering experts, Chinese Academy of sciences.

In 1982 with a bachelor's degree in East China Institute of petroleum engineering, Southwest Petroleum Institute in 1984 with a master's degree in engineering from China University of Petroleum in 1990, doctor of engineering degree in 1992; the Department of engineering mechanics of Tsinghua University completed postdoctoral research was promoted to associate professor in solid mechanics; 1993 was promoted to Professor of China University of Petroleum, the same year enjoy special government allowance granted by the State Council; 2001 was hired as the "Yangtze River Scholar Award Program professor of Ministry of education. Has been funded to study in the United States, Britain and other countries to visit and cooperation research. He was the academic leader of the research team, in 2004 the first selected Ministry of education innovation team, was selected in 2012 National Natural Science Fund innovation research group.

The China University of Petroleum (Beijing) national key disciplines of petroleum and natural gas engineering director, Key Laboratory of petroleum engineering of Ministry of education, the academic committee chairman, Journal of Natural Gas Science appointed and Engineering, Petroleum Science SCI journal editorial consultant or associate editor.

Long engaged in oil and gas engineering in the field of teaching and research work, has made important achievements in the underground mechanical and control engineering, directional drilling, drilling characteristic evaluation and wellbore integrity etc., published more than and 500 academic papers (which included 90 SCI papers, EI included more than 150 articles), published 6 monographs and edited a number of invention patents; more than 30 pieces and won the China patent excellence award 1, the software copyright registration 18; two won the National Technology Invention Prize 1 and two science and technology progress award 2, and the provincial science and technology achievement award 1, 8 first prize and two prize 6.

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