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Grand Flag-raising Ceremoly is held to celebrate the 67th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China

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Universal celebrations were held and the whole nation was elation. With the sunrise in October 1st, grand flag-raising ceremonies had been separately held in the Chengdu and Nanchong campuses of our university to celebrate the 67th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The Five-Starred Red Flag was raised with the sincere wishes that our great nation will be thriving and prospering day by day.



Flag-raising ceremony


People who attended the ceremony include: Secretary of the CPC of SWPU Yiping Sun, vice secretary of the CPC and secretary of Inspection Commission Wenwei Zhang, vice presidents Mao Zhou, Ling Wang, and Liehui Zhang, consultant of assistant department level Sha He, assistant president Guangjun Zhang, representatives of teachers, staff members and students from all grades. Yiping Sun made a keynote speech in the ceremony, while Wenwei Zhang presided the ceremony.



SunYiping giving keynote speech


As the flag-rising ceremony began, the bright and brave national flag guard escorted the flag to the flag platform in goose step. Along with the loud and clear national anthem "March of the Volunteers", the flag guard tossed the bright-colored flag in the air, and everyone in the ground saluted with eyes while the flag was raising.



National flag guards raising the flag


“67 years ago, the People’s Republic of China announced its establishment to the world, which led to a new era. In the past 67 years, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, people of all ethnic groups who were united as one went through hard struggles and innovated constantly. We ultimately create miracles and obtain success one after another, and we have never been so close to China Dream which aims to achieve the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. Looking back to the glorious history and the brilliant achievements we have made during the past 67years, we feel it incomparable honor to be Chinese ” said Yiping Sun.


Sun also pointed out, following the progressive steps of our country, Southwest Petroleum University has also made great changes. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, SWPU has made the decision to comprehensively deepen reform to improve the training quality of undergraduates and graduates. The three–step development strategy has been made and a series of significant reform measures have been put forward. Significant progresses and developments were witnessed duringrecent years.


In addition, on behave of SWPU, Yiping Sun extended cordial greetings to the hardworking teaching and administrative staffs and respect to the senior leaders who devoted themselves to SWPU. To make contributions to the constructions of high-level characteristic university, he hoped that all teachers and staffs can turn their patriotic enthusiasm to strong motivation. Yiping Sun also expressed his hope toall the students. and he encouraged them to cherish their time and concentrate on studying, morality, thinking and sincerity.


“In this special day, we gather together to celebrate our motherland’s birthday with our most heartfelt wishes,and with the confidence of future. As a member of China Dream’s constructers, I will study hard and make unremitting efforts.” Yulong Wang, a student majoring in petroleum engineering, said with emotion after the Yiping Sun's speech.


“Watching the rising Five-Starred Red Flag, I feel it great joy that our country is developing stronger. In the meantime, everyone of us shoulder heavy responsibility and mission. We all aim to make a little contribution with the spirits of imparting knowledge and educating people, with the insistence of making perfection more perfect. What inspires us is our patriotism.” Peishan Zhou said.



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