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International students Glittering at the Sports Meeting

Tue, Mar 27 2018 10:26 Zhao Jiangyu & Zhao Lei click:[]


With the opening ceremony successfully held, the sports meeting of Petroleum Engineering College starts and the whole stadium is filled with cheers. The audience calls out whoever wants to be the fastest man in the college. International students are heading for us with bright and clear smiles, you can see them excited by the audience, flying off from the starting point like a lighting bolt and rushing to the finish line like a sharp arrow. They are running on the track with the pace of self-confidence which conveys the qualities of bravery.

DENNIS SABATO CHINAMO participates in the Men's 100 meters, "bang", only to hear a gunshot, all the athletes dash for the final line. He runs out as a cheetah, as fast as a wind, and no one can stop him. In a flash, time seems to stop. Cheers roar up around the playing field. Dennis, the first person who crossed the finish line and claims the first title of the game .He undoubtedly becomes our idol, bringing honor to his classmates and his fellows.

Let us move our eyes to the women's 100m court. International students DESTINA GODWIN EKEKEH takes part in the women's 100 meters race, she rushes out like a cheetah from the starting point after a gunshot. The cheerleaders in the bleachers beat the drum, and the crowd bubble with excitement. Although she lacks experience in competing in this field, she claims the second place for her talent and persistency.

The 100 meters, which makes people blood boiling, not only shows the athletic ability of the outstanding strength level, but also show us their fighting spirit to forge ahead, strive to be a leader of the fighting spirit.

The figures in International students also show themselves on the track events, ABDULLAHI KABIR HASSAN takes part in the triple jump. He wears light running shoes, neat sportswear, and a relaxed look. He is confident of what he can accomplish in the coming competition. HASSAN takes a short run and jump with all his might. He seems very glad of his performance as that’s a long distance according to the referee’ judgement.

Let us expect the international students show greater performance both academically and in sports in SWPU. Zhao Jiangyu & Zhao Lei


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