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Graduation Design Defense and Post - work Arrangement

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1.Request for Defense

(1)The respondent venue should be serious and clean, in the eye-catching position linked to the "2016 session of undergraduate graduation defense" banner, to create a good academic atmosphere.


(2)The respondent team should be organized, and the members of the reply group should be reasonable. In principle, they should adopt the teacher avoidance system. Each group should have at least five teachers. The "Schedule of Debrief Arrangement" and "Summary Sheet" will be handed over to the Practice Section of the Academic Affairs Office on May 31st.


(3)The members of the respondent group shall not be absent. They shall sit in the middle of the front row. Students are required to sit in a centralized position according to the size of the classrooms and the number of students. The students shall be separated by at least one row from the answer group teachers. Before the reply, the head of the respondent team declares the request for the defense and the venue discipline. After the reply is over, the defense team will announce the result of the defense to the respondent. Students who fail to pass the examination shall not enter into the overall score evaluation, ie, the total score of the graduation design (thesis) is not passed.


(4)The teachers and students of the defense group should be present in a timely manner. They should not wear vests, shorts or slippers, strictly abide by the rules of the meeting, Requiring the defense team to participate in this group from the beginning to the end of the reply. The college shall organize the students of the lower grades to observe and study in the places where the conditions of the reply places are allowed.


(5)Each student shall be required to report, ask questions and answer questions in a continuous manner. The total reply time of each student shall not be less than 20 minutes. Respondent group should be based on the review of teachers and students report the situation, targeted to the students to ask questions to ask the number of 3 to 5, should read the questions raised by the reviewers, and then answer the group members according to the students to report questions, The students recorded a unified answer. The problem should be concise, focused, and avoid lengthy procrastination, so that students do not know what to ask, and should not be limited to the format or paper recommendations.


2.Performance assessment, submission and post-work arrangements

(1)Performance evaluation. In the reply under the premise of the opening of the report in accordance with: Review: Review: Reply = 1: 3: 2: 4 ratio of graduation design(thesis) score, and then give the grade level, did not enter the reply or reply did not pass Students graduation design (thesis) results recorded as fail.


(2)June15 24:00 to complete the online results submitted. Please note: in the "Graduation Design Management Module" in the "Graduation Design Entry" select the appropriate grades, not scores; if there is a slow reply students, the results recorded as fail, special reasons to choose "delay test".


(3)June16 to submit school recommendation table (electronic files and paper files), the application form (paper files). Recommended 3% of the total number of graduates of all the professional graduates of the school (including the Innovation Award of 0.5%), recommended not more than 5% of the total number of teachers in the school counseling teachers excellent teachers.


(4)June 20 to submit outstanding graduate design (thesis) abstract (electronic files), excellent abstracts (thesis) in the 3000 words or less.


(5)Submissions will be submitted by July 1 (written by the Director of the Teaching Office in the test results).


(6)July 3 will be the deadline to handle "college graduation project (thesis) work summary table" to the Office of Academic Affairs practice teaching.

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