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The Writing Requirements for Graduation Thesis

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1. Structural requirements

(1)Thesis topic

The title should be short, clear and general. By the title, readers can generally understand the contents of the paper, professional characteristics and disciplines. The number of words should be appropriate, the Chinese title should not exceed 20 words, and English title should not exceed 10 words. If it’s necessary, please add subtitles.


(2)Chinese &English Abstracts, Key Words

The summary should reflect the contents, methods, results and conclusions of graduation design(thesis). It is not advisable to use formulas or graphs in the abstract. The Chinese abstract should be about 500 words, and the English abstract should correspond to the Chinese abstract. In order to facilitate the literature search, keywords should be added in the abstract below the line. Key words are important for the purpose of the search terms, which should be used to cover the design of the main contents of the general technical terms (refer to the corresponding technical terms standard). Keywords are generally 3 or 5 words, arranged according to the epitaxial level of the entries.



The directories are written in three levels (1 ... 1.1, 1.1.1 ...), and the headers should be hierarchical. The title in the directory should match the title in the body.


(4)The Text

Generally should include the introduction, the main body of the paper and conclusions and other parts.



Including: the background and purpose of graduation design (thesis); domestic and foreign research status and related field’s results; designing and research methods; designing process and research content.


Main Part

Main Part should be reasonable structure, clear, focused, concise text, fluent.



Conclusion is a summary of the work that has been done to summarize and synthesize the work of the whole study. It requires a refined and accurate description of its creative work or new insights, whose meaning, role, further questions and suggestions needed to be discussed.



These are your brief thanks to people who have direct contributions and help in the research and writing process (such as instructors, tutors and others).



Graduation design(thesis) should be written in a rigorous and realistic scientific attitude, where there are references to the results of others, should be presented in the paper in the order of priority listed in the reference. Generally the reference of graduation design (thesis) should not be too much, but the main reference is 5 or more. When a document is referenced in a design (or a paper), it should appear only once in the reference, and the serial number is based on the location of the first occurrence.



Appendix should not beplaced in the text for some reason, but it’s an integral part of graduation design (thesis), or has important reference value. For example, too long formula derivation, repetitive data, charts, procedures and their full description and so on. If more symbols are quoted, for the convenience of the reader, you can write a symbolic description, indicating the meaning of symbols. The general appendix should not be too large, generally not more than the text.


2.Filing and Binding

Graduation data includes the graduation design (Thesis), graduation design (Thesis) task, graduation design (Thesis) report, graduation design (Thesis) examination opinions, foreign language translation, the original copy, drawings and other information. Graduation data should be carefully written, according to requirements.


Graduation design (Thesis) should be divided into two volumes to bind. The binding content of the first volume of graduation design (Thesis) includes: cover, title page, abstract and keywords, Chinese English abstract and keywords, catalogue, text, thanks, references and appendix. The second includes the attachment, contentand binding order: cover, graduation design (Thesis) task, graduation design(Thesis) opening report, graduation design (Thesis) assessment opinions. Cover should be filled in accordance with the format and requirements of the school,and the cover color should be determined in accordance with the choice of department. Finally, all the materials are put in the bag provided by educational office , such as two volumes above, the foreign language translation and the original copy, the design report (according to the national standard of folding, binding), literature review, electronic documents , etc. Then material bag should be submitted to academy after checking by the instructor.

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