Scientific and Technological Achievement Conducted by SWPU was Published in the World's Top Academic Journal" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" for the First Time

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Recently, based on the cooperative research work of the academic group led by Prof. Zhaozhong Yang in SWPU and the academic group led by Prof. Zhifeng Ren from the University of Houston, water-based two-dimensional asymmetric amphiphilic graphene nano fluid which does not contain any surfactant or polymer was published. The paper was published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America” (National Academy of Sciences Journal) on June 27, 2016 US Time, and Prof. Yang and PhD student Dan Luo are the co-corresponding author and co-first author. Only one day after the paper was published, it caused wide spread concern in the academic and industrial fields.


The thickness of the asymmetric graphene nano material involved in the nano fluids is only 1 nanometers, and it is strictly asymmetry in the structure. In high concent ration brine and oil systems, nanosheets in nano fluids automatically gather at the oil-water interface and perform self-organization to reduce the interfacial tension. Under high strength hydrodynamic conditions, nanosheets will form a layer of solid elastic membrane at the oil-water interface, which can strictly separate oil phase and water phase as well as effectively displace oil phase. Their search shows that the fluid breaks through the bottle neck of low recovery efficiency of conventional low-concentration (0.01% mass fraction) nano fluids in tertiary recovery processes. In addition, the fluid is also environmentally friendly. Relevant technology has been applied for the international patent.

In the cooperative research, the academic group led by Prof. Zhifeng Ren from University of Houston focused on the development of nano materials, while the academic group led by Prof. Zhaozhong Yang from SWPU mainly focused on EOR experiments. The main achievement was completed by the PhD student Dan Luo who is from grade 2013 and majors in oil and gas field development engineering. He went to the University of Houston to study for a doctorate in chemical engineering. Master student Jingyi Zhu and associate prof. Xiaogang Li also participated in the cooperative research.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (often referred to as PNAS) is the official academic journal of the National Academy of Sciences, founded in 1914 by the National Academy of Sciences. The journal is classified as top scientific journal in zone 1 according to the JCR Journals Partition Data Platform of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 360encyclopedia indicates that "PNAS ranks third in the SCI comprehensive science journals, and thus has become an integral part of the global scientific research. In all of SCIE journals, the Eigen factor of PANS ranks second in the world." According to the Baidu encyclopedia, PNAS is short for the National Academy of Sciences of Proceedings the United States of America, which is recognized as one of the world's four top scientific journals (Cell, Nature, Science, PNAS). According to the recent released statistics in2014, the impact factor of the journal was 9.803, and its Eigen factor was1.6033 (2011). (Submitted by Department of scientific research)




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