May 27, The 4th SPE Cultural Festival and The 2nd International Petroleum Engineering Professional Challenge in SWPU Came to an End

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May 27, The 4th SPE Cultural Festival andThe 2nd International Petroleum Engineering Professional Challenge in SWPU cameto an end. This festival is featured as "New view, New future", whichfocused on cutting edge technology in the oil industry, sharing the latestinformation on oil engineering at home and abroad, making the event an petroleumcultural feast.  


This CulturalFestival is committed to building a bridge between the Petroleum universitiesand enterprises, the integration of innovative thinking in the oil industry,and we strive to enhance students' innovation ability, promote innovation andinspire the oil industry with the forefront oil industry ideas.” Jianchun Guosaid in the opening ceremony speech.



SPE President of Chengdu Branch, Vice Chairman of SWPU Guo Jianchun Gave the Speech



During the Cultural Festival, there wereactivities such as SPE Distinguished Enterprisers Talk & DistinguishedAcademics Talk, Petroleum Enterprise Culture Exhibition, Exhibition ofPetroleum Culture Festival Achievements, Student Summit, Petroleum Knowledge Contest,Experimental Skill Competition and Software Application Contest, and so on.


Distinguished Academic Talk allowed themajority of students to be face to face with the experts to know the latestscientific research, and listen to senior practitioners about their uniqueinsights on the oil and gas industry situation.



Daniel Hill, Dean of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Texas A & M University




Although the oil industry is now facingsevere setbacks, but we must believe that the future is bright. Daniel Hill,Dean of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A & M Universityand president of SPE Global, hoped that the majority of petroleum students wouldreshape their self-confidence.  




Prof. Shilun Li, Vice Dean of the Former Southwest Petroleum College



Prof. Shilun Li, analyzed the currentsituation of the oil price slump in his speech and encouraged students that weshould laugh at life’s difficulties, and people with a smile would not falldown; that we should have a dream, and people would have future when he had adream.


On the morning of May 25, a total of morethan 3,000 people including the participating universities, businessrepresentatives visited the Petroleum Enterprise Culture Exhibition and theExhibition of Petroleum Culture Festival Achievements. After Hongcheng Jiangfrom China University of Petroleum (East China) visited the Exhibition ofPetroleum Culture Festival Achievements, he had a deep feeling, which he saidthat the petroleum culture was very rich, and through those photos and physicaldisplays, he had a more profound understanding on the 'three old four strict'fine tradition.




Participants Visited the Petroleum Enterprise Culture Exhibition


Participants Visited the Exhibition of Petroleum Culture Festival Achievements


Participants Visited the Exhibition of Petroleum Culture Festival Achievements


On the evening of May 25, The SPE StudentSummit was held at the State Key Laboratory A403. 10 outstanding students fromSouthwest Petroleum University, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), ChinaUniversity of Petroleum (East China), Northeast Petroleum University, ChongqingUniversity of Science and Technology and other had an academic seminar.


SPE Student Summit


The experimental skillcompetition lasted two days from May 26 to 27. This competition is based on the evaluation offracturing fluid performance and the choice of reducing agent. 11 domestic andforeign college team had 5 modules fierce competition such as the preparationof fracturing fluid, filter agent selection, fracturing fluid density test,viscosity test and summary report. Finally, the Southwest Petroleum Universityteam won the championship.


Site Condition of the Experimental Skill Competition


Software application contest was supportby Schlumberger company’s Eclipse software, six domestic and foreign collegeteam after two days of fierce competition, the Northeast University ofPetroleum won the championship.


Software Application Contest Scenes



The theme of the petroleum knowledgecontest is "innovation-driven the development, science and technology tolead the petroleum industry". Teams from 14 domestic and foreign colleges hada fierce competition. Finally, the Southwest Petroleum University won firstprize with excellent results, Chengdu University of Technology won the secondprize, Chongqing Science and Technology College won the third prize.



Petroleum Knowledge Contest Scenes


The Closing Ceremony Scenes


SPE Culture Festival aims to bridge thecommunication between universities, enterprises and students, promote thegrowth of talents and the spread of petroleum culture, and combine the"learn, race and research" to promote each other and complete witheach other. Weidford, Schlumberger, Yanchang Shell, SinopecSouthwest Branch, Oil Bridge, Vitey Oil and Energy and other oil companies’representatives, the SPE branch chairman participated in the event.









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