Exchange Conference Between Southwest Petroleum University and University of Calgary Successfully Held

Tue, Oct 31 2017 11:12 Zhao Jiangyu & Zhou Hang click:[]

Kevin Ellwood and Heather Clitheroe, officers from University of Calgary,conduct a meeting at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in Mingbian Building B519 onOct,26,2017. The conference is aimed at students from College of Petroleum andNatural Gas Engineering. Associate Dean of College of Petroleum and Natural GasEngineering Liang Guangchuan, officer of International Cooperation and ExchangeOffice Deng Peng, counselor of College of Petroleum and Natural Gas EngineeringZhao Jiangyu attended this meeting, along with part of the students of thecollege.  


Kevin delivered his speech from three sections: living environment,humanistic environment and social environment. He introduced University ofCalgary and student’s life there from a video at first, then he pointed thatUniversity of Calgary enjoyed high prestige in the world thanks to itsengineering excellence, which made it one of the top engineering schools inCanada, even in the whole world. And its degree is internationally recognized.After that, he described the support from Canada government in detail rangingfrom finance allocation to policy support, and explained its advantage from severalaspects such as employment opportunity. Then, Kevin laid out the"3+2" and "2+2" project launched by the partnership inspecifics. After that, Heather made detailed explanations to problemsconcerning with entrance requirements and application procedure. She alsoshowed the future International-Student-Training plans to students attended.Heather put forward that two universities would cooperate with each other inbigger fields. Lastly, students attended made deeper communication with two officers.  


The meeting turned out to be a lively discussion with frequentexchanges, which provided precious options and suggestions for students whohave the intention of studying abroad. The successful held of this exchangemeeting laid a solid foundation for strengthening the communication withforeign petroleum universities, selecting excellent students to study abroadand training international talents.  

(Zhao Jiangyu & Zhou Hang)  








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