The Exchange Experience Sharing Conference for the Undergraduates of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Institute of Visiting the United States and the Lecture on Studying Abroad were Successfully Held

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At 15:00 on March 29, the sharing conference for the undergraduates of petroleum and natural gas engineering institute to visit the America and the lecture of going abroad for studying was held in the A114 of Sixue Building ,the academic lecture hall. The lecture was presided by ZHAO Jiangyu, the counselor of the Petroleum Engineering Institute, and more than 250 students interested in overseas visiting programs attended the conference.

On behalf of the school, ZHAO Jiangyu expressed heartfelt thanks to the alumni association and the overseas alumni association for their strong support, and expressed sincere thanks to the international cooperation and exchange office that facilitated this overseas visit. Subsequently, four outstanding students representatives of 2014 introduced their experiences in the overseas visiting program (SWPUOOA) of our college. It included the specific content of SWPUOOA, the student's application process, the specific situation of visiting the petroleum universities and companies in the United States, the support from the overseas alumni association and the understanding of this trip to the United States. They indicated that professional skills and English level are very important and encouraged the students to learn well to improve themselves.

Then, LIU Meng of 2014, the student successfully acquiring the postgraduate entrance invitation of the university of Calgary in Canada, shared her success experience : success is the result of 30% confidence, the support of 10%, the hardwork of 60% and luck of 1% . And once you have done your primary work of 100 percent, the luck of 1 percent will naturally come.

Finally, ZHAO Jiangyu concluded: undergraduates overseas visiting is the important aspects to broaden their international vision, an important measure to cultivate first-class talents, and the important symbol of promoting the levels of education internationalization. Through this exchange program, we provide valuable experience for students willing to study abroad, which lays the foundation for the cooperation and exchanges between the college and the American petroleum universities.(by Zhao Jiangyu, Zhang Yuping)

ZHOU Xuan Introduced Her Experiences

WU Lin Introduced His Experiences

ZHANG Yuping introduced her experiences

MAO Zhenglin Introduced His Experiences

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