The 5th SPE Petroleum Culture Festival and the 3rd International Petroleum Engineering Professional Challenge Grand Opening

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At 9:00 a.m. on May 25th, 2018, the opening ceremony of the 5th SPE Petroleum Culture Festival and the 3rd International Petroleum Engineering Professional Challenge hosted by the SPE Student Branch of Southwest Petroleum University was grandly opened at the Southwest Petroleum University Library Lecture Hall. The theme of the Cultural Festival is “New Age, New Challenges”. It aims to promote petroleum science and technological activities, expand students’ international outlooks, inspire forefront researches of the oil industry, and build an academic exchange platform for the SPE branches, petroleum universities and well-known domestic and foreign enterprises nationwide.

Guo Baiyun, Professor of Southwest Petroleum University and a member of the national "One Thousand Talents Program", Li Xiaoping, Dean of the Institute of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Guo Xiao, Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation, and Vice Chairman of SPE Chengdu Branch , Chen Lihong, Deputy Minister of Student Work Office ((Office of Postgraduate Work) , Wang Hao , Deputy Director of Administration Office , Dai Lei, Deputy Director of the Office of International Affairs, Zhang Min,Deputy Director of the Office of Enrollment and Employment Cooperation, Zhang Lei,Deputy Director of the Center of Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship , Li Wei, Vice-president of the School of Oil & Natural Gas Engineering attended the opening ceremony.

Representatives from 11 universities and research institutes like China Petroleum University (Beijing), China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu University of Technology, Northeast Petroleum University, Institute of Fluid Dynamics, Chinese Academy of Sciences participated in this SPE Culture in the opening ceremony, and representatives from enterprises like Schlumberger, Yanchang and Shell (Sichuan) Petroleum Co. Ltd, Towngas, and Chengdu Chenrui Education attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony made the 5th SPE Culture Festival introducing video as a prelude to the event . In the video , the events of previous SPE Culture Festivals were shown to the audience, allowing participants to better understand the purposes, activities, scales and impacts of the SPE Culture Festival.

2018-05-25 19:38:00.624000

the Splendid Opening Ceremony

the Splendid Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Prof. Guo Xiao, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploration and Vice Chairman of SPE Chengdu Branch delivered opening remarks. He first expressed his warm welcome to the representatives of teachers and students from petroleum universities and corporate guests . He said: “On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of Southwest Petroleum University, we held this grand event. We hope that all participants can take this opportunity to enjoy the competition and meet new challenges . We also hope that the SPE Culture Festival will promote the construction of the foreign exchange platforms and provide opportunities for cooperation between institutions as well as between schools and enterprises. "

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Prof. Guo Xiao, Vice Chairman of SPE Chengdu Branch

After that , Prof. Guo Baiyun, an outstanding SPE expert, made a speech. He took his own personal experiences as an example and sincerely hoped that the students would take SPE as a platform to enhance their learning abilities, broaden their international horizons, strengthen teamwork, and continuously explore the truth through practice.

2018-05-25 19:40:17.590000

Prof. Guo Baiyun, member of the national "Thousand Talents Program" and the Sichuan Province "Hundred Talents Program", made a speech

Then Ma Qian , President of the Southwest Petroleum University SPE Student Branch , gave a speech in which she introduced the arrangements for the activities during the Cultural Festival. She hoped that all participants would show their strength and talents in this arena with their skills and enthusiasm.

Ma Qian, Chairman of Southwest Petroleum University SPE Student Branch

After the speech, the participating teams of the institutions took photos with the guests and representatives of the companies in front of the library.

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the Participating Teams, Guest Leaders and Corporate Representatives

Immediately following that began the Distinguished Scholars' Forum (SAT) and the Distinguished Entrepreneurs' Forum (SET) . Prof. Guo Baiyun, the SAT speaker, gave a keynote speech titled “Analytical Methods for Forecasting the Productivity of Shale Wells”. From the flowing mechanism of shale oil and gas to the model analysis of the shale oil and gas well productivity and to the production example analysis, he explained the methods of shale oil and gas well productivity analysis in a simple and understandable way. Finally, he stressed that solving engineering problems should proceed from the overall situation and achieve overall planning.

2018-05-25 19:41:29.327000

Prof. Guo Baiyun, the winner of the National "
The Recruitment Program of Global Experts" and the Sichuan "Hundred Talents Program"

Afterwards, the keynote speaker of SET, Man Yi, the Non-oil Business Department Director of Yanchang and Shell (Sichuan) Petroleum Co., Ltd, introduced the corporate history, culture, and strategic plans of his company, with particular emphasis on the company’s values of “honesty, integrity, respect”. "Safety, compliance" was regarded as the cornerstone of the company while the employee training and developments were attached great importance as well. Another SET speaker, Ms. Yi Shenghui, Technical Director of Schlumberger Software Integration Solution Department, gave a brief introduction to the basic situation and core values of Schlumberger Enterprises with the title “new age, new way”and future development prospects. The splendid talks of the two SET speakers brought the students and the enterprises closer to each other and gave the students a clearer understanding of their future career development.

2018-05-25 19:41:54.664000

Man Yi, the Non-oil Business Department Director of Yanchang and Shell (Sichuan) Petroleum Co., Ltd.

2018-05-25 19:42:25.333000

Yi Shenghui, Technical Director of Schlumberger Software Integration Solution Department

This year’s SPE Culture Festival will last for three days. The main events include SAT/SET expert lectures, SPE corporate culture exhibition, IPEPC-experiment skill operation contest, Petrowhiz petroleum engineering knowledge contest and cultural festival night. Representatives of SPE Student Branches of all universities and well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, and business elites gathered together to combine theories and practice to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation, and ultimately enhance the professional abilities and innovative thinking of the participants.

By Cheng Zhen, Li Xin, Miao Chunjiang



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