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Safety knowledge



emergency call


When you need an alarm outside school, please call 24 hours on duty.  Public security alarm: 110.  

Fire alarm: 119.

Medical Ambulance: 120.




When you need help in school, please call 24 hours on duty:

Security Office: 83032110 (extension number: 2110)

School Hospital: 83033120 (extension number: 3120)


Traffic safety


Pedestrians need to pay attention to matters needing attention


Pedestrians should walk in the sidewalk. If crossing the road, walk the zebra crossing.


Get in and out of the school to take the initiative to swipe the campus card or show your student card, passport, and other valid documents.


No roller skating, kicking (kicking)the ball or other activities that impede traffic safety on campus roads. Do not crowd, riot, or occupy roads on campus roads to hinder traffic.


Driving non-motor vehicles need to pay attention


Driving non-motorized vehicles on campus roads should comply with the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety" and school-related traffic safety regulations. When driving, you should drive on the right side of the road.


Speeding is strictly prohibited and the speed limit is 20 km/h. It is forbidden to carry people.


Non-motor vehicles are prohibited from being parked indiscriminately in schools, parked in designated parking places for non-motor vehicles according to regulations, and no parking spaces for motor vehicles may be occupied during parking.


When non-motorized vehicles enter or leave the school gate, you need to get off the train and take the initiative to avoid pedestrians and swipe your cards in and out of the school.


Precautions when driving motor vehicles


For foreign students coming to China to purchase motor vehicles, you should apply for license plates, driving permits, driver's licenses and other licensing procedures in accordance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations, and file them with the Ministry of Education and Security.


Schools driving motor vehicles must abide by the “Law of the People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety” and related regulations for school traffic safety, and strictly follow the campus traffic signs to drive motor vehicles safely and civilly.


All roads in the school have a speed limit of 30 km/h and speeding is forbidden.


When a vehicle is traveling on campus in case of peak traffic, it should slow down or stop by and avoid pedestrians. It must not be robbed by pedestrians and must not be circumvented. It should slow down when passing through intersections and corners, and it can be passed under the condition of ensuring safety.


It is forbidden to drive without a license, drunk driving or quick driving. It is prohibited to test and practice cars on campus.


Motor vehicles are prohibited from honking horns in schools (especially student areas, teaching areas)


There are prohibition stop signs on the sidewalks, fire exits, traffic flow, and traffic flow intensive sections of the campus. In addition to planning parking areas, all roads are prohibited from parking all vehicles.


It is forbidden to park all vehicles in the gate area. Waiting for signal indicator When the vehicle is in transit, pay attention to avoiding passing pedestrians and non-motor vehicles.


Motor vehicles entering and leaving the campus should actively cooperate with the guards to undergo inspections






Pay attention to protect personal information


Remove heart greed, do not believe that there are good things for nothing


Be alert to network traps and don't click random links from strangers to prevent Trojans from losing money. Safely use online banking and login to the official bank website.


If you suspect your identity, be sure to tell the teacher or call 110

5.心中牢记“六个一律”:接到陌生电话,只要谈到银行卡,一律挂掉。只要谈到中奖了,一律挂掉。只要谈到公检法税务或领导干部,一律挂掉。所有陌生短信,凡有链接的,一律删掉。社交平台上的陌生人发来的链接,一律不点。所有 170开头的电话一律不接。

Keep in mind the "six laws": When you receive a strange phone call, just talk about the bank card and hang it. As long as talk about winning with you , you must hang it. As long as he talks about taxation or leading cadres of the public security law, we must all hang off. All unfamiliar text messages, with links, should be deleted. Links sent by strangers on social platforms are all not. All phones that begin with 170 will not be answered.




Pay attention to your own bank card and password, passport, etc. Don't use passwords such as birthdays and mobile numbers as passwords


Take care of your own upscale learning and living appliances.


In the event of a burglary, you should immediately report to the school security office or dial 110. At the same time, the site must be blocked and protected. No one should be allowed to enter the site, and no items on the site must be turned.


Drug prevention


Do not be drugged by curiosity


Not easy to accept other people's cigarettes, fruits, drugs, drinks and other items.


Do not use drugs for stimulate or adventure.


Don't make people who use drugs or drug trafficking.


Do not go to places where security is complicated.


Disaster prevention


(I)Fire prevention and treatment


1. Fire prevention in student apartments:


Prohibit privately pulling and extending the power lines, illegal use of electric appliances and high-power electrical appliances.


Must make sure power off before leaving, prohibit the use of electrical appliances unattended


Prohibit using open flame lighting indoors, bedside table lamp should be used with cold light source lamp.


Must not smoke in the bed, prohibit littering burning fire or cigarette butts don’t extinguish indoors.


Prohibit the burning of sundries, the discharge of fireworks and firecrackers indoors.


Shall not store inflammable and explosive articles.

In dormitories.


Do not buy and use false, fake and shoddy electrical appliances.


Laboratory Fire Prevention Requirements:


Get fully prepared before the experiment, be familiar with the experimental content, master the experimental procedures. In the experiment, strictly according to the experimental procedures to prevent fire caused by nonstandard operation.


Obey the guidance of the teachers of the experiment, strictly abide by the laboratory discipline, prohibit playing in the laboratory, slapstick, prevent damage to the equipment caused by fire.


It is strictly prohibited to fiddle with the equipment and drugs unrelated to the experiment, especially the electric equipment.


Non-experimental needs, is prohibited to carry any fire and other unrelated to the experiment of inflammable and explosive materials into the laboratory to reduce the laboratory disaster factors.


To prevent the fires caused by the violating behaviors of outsiders, strictly prohibit unrelated personnel getting into the laboratory


Prohibit living in the laboratory, the use of fire in the laboratory and in the vicinity of especially the use of open fire is not allowed. No fireworks can be set off to prevent fire in the ignition of indoor flammable materials and other combustible materials.


Pay attention to the correct use of electric appliances and storage, the use of electric appliances are not allowed to close to combustible materials.


Strictly standardize laboratory power system. Electricity and electrical installation must be complied  according to the state regulations of the technical norms.


Landslides, mudslides, collapses


(1)in case of collapse, landslide or debris flow in the wild, it is better to turn around and find a safe route to leave. Always check to see if there are landslides, gullies, etc. Don't cross the area just after the landslide. Note the sign of the landslide.


(2)when a landslide occurs, do not run along the slope, but flee to both sides. When encountering a high speed landslide that cannot run away, you should not panic. Under certain conditions, such as the landslide sliding as a whole, you should stay where you are or hold the tree.


(3)when a debris flow occurs, run to both sides of the slope in the direction of the debris flow. Do not run upstream or downstream along the debris flow groove, and do not stay in the concave slope. Do not stay in the Sunken place with steep slope and Thick soil. Avoid the curved concave bank of a river or the narrow, low convex bank. Do not hide under steep mountains to prevent debris flow or collapse. After a long period of rain or When the heavy rain shrunk or the rain just stopped, do not immediately return to the danger area , mudslides often lag behind rainfall outbreaks.


when the collapse occurs, you can hide under strong obstacles or squat in the trench. Pay attention to protect the head, you can wrap your clothes around your head. Don't run down the hill in the direction of the rolling stones. Determine the right exit route, and don't rush into dangerous areas.


7. Heavy rain and flood


You should pay close attention to rainstorm and flood information released by government departments and media.


When you are in a dilapidated house or a low-lying place, you should transfer to a higher place in a timely manner.


You should prepare sufficient food and drinking water, prepare medicine and communication equipment, collect wooden basin, door plate, large pieces of foam plastic, tires and other suitable floating materials for emergencies.


When you are trapped, use communication facilities to contact rescue by sending out distress signals like whistles, colorful clothes, glasses and mirrors.


You shouldn't risk wading away unless the water breaks down the building or overflows the roof.


If you are caught in a flood, you must try to catch something fixed or floating, and look for a chance to escape.


Five, Anti-terrorism and anti-riot


What are the common methods of terrorist attacks


Conventional means: explosion, shooting, hijacking and arson.


Unconventional means: nuclear and radiation terrorist attacks, biological terrorist attacks, chemical terrorist attacks.



What if suspicious explosives are found?

Do not touch, timely report to the police, quickly scatter, assist the police investigation.


How to choose shelters in case of a shooting?


Shelters are best placed between you and terrorists.


Select dense materials that are difficult to penetrate.


Choose something that can block your cover.


Choose a shape that is easy to hide from the body.


Prevent hijacking


Develop a simple lifestyle and don't show off how rich you are.


Try to keep company when going out or go to school and after school.


If you find someone stalking on the way, you should try to get rid of him and call the police.


If you are unlucky enough to be kidnapped, stay calm, don't struggle too much, and try to get out of the hands of a gangster.

5. Seven taboos against arson attacks


Don't lose your head


Don't shout blindly.


Don't lust after property.


Don't open doors and Windows in disorder.


Don't take the elevator.


Don't run around.


Don't jumping off buildings easily.


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